Hike through Britain with Daryl May
Two dogs
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DS65 DNM at LE sign
Your LEJOG journal is brilliant! The most entertaining of any I've read, with great social and psychological insights and good humor. Thank you.
 - Keith B, Adelaide, Australia

Your photos are wonderful, they complement your writing perfectly. You notice all the details that are often missing from other blogs and journals. If I was setting out on a lejog or jogle [end-to-end hike], your site would definitely be my first and last point of reference - it has just the right tone, amusing yet realistic, informative but entertaining.
- Richard Fosh, Basingstoke, England

I started on your website
about 10:30pm last night  - by about 11:30 I was nearly rolling around on the floor laughing so hard. I was so loud I woke my wife up in the next room. She thought I had gone over the edge!
 - Pres H, Savannah, Georgia

My impressions quickly changed from "this is lunacy" to admiration.  Never say die!

 - Enslie S, Tampa, Florida

As I read each day's journal, I lived each hill and dale, as well as your challenges in finding a decent place to stay.

- Tom L, Manchester, England

Your story almost gave me blisters in my armchair!

- Alison V, Bexhill, England

What I liked best were your photographs, some are good enough to exhibit. Please send me some of the dog pictures.

 - Gerald R, Cape Town, South Africa

Your reflections on Britain, and your former life, brought me to tears and laughter.  As good as Bill Bryson and Paul Theroux . . .

  - Kirk S, London, England

The saga of the bed-and-breakfasts, so splendidly described!  I felt your fear of finding nowhere to stay, and the pain of staying in some of the places you did.

- Roger B, Sheffield, England

Are you going to make this into a book?  I hope so.
- Rosalind ?, Liskeard, England

You didn't do what some writers do, sell Scotland short.  You kept up your spirits even through the Highlands.  Well done!
 - Rory McL, Perth, Scotland

What a fantastic achievement!
 - David F, Melbourne, Australia (marathon-runner)

Very interesting and amusing. Surely you are a fellow admirer of S. J. Perelman!
 - Dave H, Leicester, England

Your imaginary Bourke-Stewart - figment of a de-
ranged mind!  We need more such deranged minds.

- Alberto G, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Those imaginary characters must have relieved the strain of the trail.  I loved their quirkiness - and your originality.

 - Steve K, Tampa, Florida

I have just spent a wonderfully entertaining day reading through it and I recommend it. I reckon that Daryl has a great read here and should be thinking about turning it into a book
- Alan S, Cambridgeshire

Daryl can certainly put words together creatively and he doesn't pull many punches!  A most enjoyable account . . . it's the first of its kind I've ever managed to finish . . . [He's] one crazy guy!
- Des H, comments on web, and email without address

I just read the first 7 days of your journal . . . the dog fight made me chortle!! You certainly have a way with words -  Yours chortling,
- Colin S, email without address

What a great accomplishment (both the trip and the website).
- Arnie B, Tustin, California

Your website is absolutely amazing. The narrative [is] fascinating and witty, the aesthetics . . .outstanding. A totally brilliant effort. Very well done.
- John G, Stockland Bristol, Somerset

Really enjoyed your website - a terrific review of your experiences.

- John D, Huntington Beach, California

He got off to a very rough start, with a horrible blister and great trouble finding appropriate boots, but then pressed on with great determination...and great spirit and wit, as displayed in his diary entries. Between this walk, and his LEJOG last year, Daryl has become my inspiration.

- Mark Alvarez, Woodbury, Connecticut

. . . this guy is made of the right stuff. Good old grit and determination with a heady mix of blind faith and optimism that made his blog such an enter-
read . . . Britain is not just about land-
scape. What makes Britain a great place is our people. Daryl has the knack of bumping into people and unlocking what makes then tick. . .

- Alan Sloman, Cambridgeshire

Congratulations on another fantastic achievement, and another entertaining read. I've been following your adventures with great interest, amusement and understanding.
- Dave Greenwood, England

Your southbound saga is even more interesting than your northbound one! Thanks for so generously putting all this on the web for us.

- Jack S, Southampton, England

A magnificent read - your perseverance triumphed over the worst blister I've ever seen . . .
- Chad K, Dayton, Ohio
Daryl May 2007 and 2008