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Un randonneur américain en France

My Hike in France -
from the Italian Frontier
to the Atlantic coast
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Part B  - 2010
Soulac-sur-Mer << Agde
Part A  -  2013
Agde << Italian frontier
<<<   <<<   <<<   <<<     Hike direction: East to West     <<<   <<<   <<<   <<<

Above map (courtesy of Google Maps) shows my route of about 700 miles (1100 km).  
 In 2010, I started at Agde (middle) and hiked to Soulac-sur-Mer on the Atlantic coast (left).  
In 2013, I resumed the hike at Menton (right), on the Italian frontier, and hiked to Agde (middle).  
Click for a larger map. And here's a zoomable, scrollable one.
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