Hike Northbound through Britain with Daryl May
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DN6 Cornish hillside with sheep
English West Country

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DN13 Axbridge Square lores cropped
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Day N1  

Day N2  

Day N3  

Day N4  

Day N5  

Day N6  

Day N7  

Day N8  

Day N9  

  Hail to the hiker
     Land's End - Penzance

  The ups and downs of Cornwall
     Penzance - Higher Bosoha Farm

  Knees up, Hiker Hobson
     Higher Bosoha Farm - Carnon Downs

  Passed by a 91-year old
     Carnon Downs - St. Austell

  A nice day for it
     St. Austell - West Taphouse

  Still in Cornwall
     West Taphouse - Callington

  Dogfight in Devon
     Callington - Peter  Tavy

  A boggy encounter
     Peter Tavy - Okehampton

  Lime pickle to die for
     Okehampton - Crediton

  Lumberjacking in Thorverton
     Crediton - Tiverton

  And so to Somerset
     Tiverton - Taunton

  Rest day coming up!
     Taunton - Bridgwater

  Meet Arthur Bourke-Stewart
     Bridgwater - Axbridge

  To Bristol by the wrong road
     Axbridge to Bristol

   English West Country map. Read from bottom up.  For an idea of scale, each day's hike was about 17 miles. 

   Click here for a zoomable map of this region. The map was produced using Google Maps and Google Earth.

Map 1
2007 - 2009 Daryl May