Northbound through Britain with Daryl May
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     English West Country
     English Midlands
     North of England
     Southern Scotland
     Central Scotland
     Scottish Highlands

Southbound Home

     St Hiking N Flag England   English West Country
                Day N1 to N14
      St Hiking N Flag England    English Midlands
                Day N15 to N24
      St Hiking N Flag England    North of England
                Day N25 to N33

    St Hiking N Flag Scotland    Southern Scotland
                Day N34 to N39

      St Hiking N Flag Scotland    Central Scotland
                Day N40 to N44

      St Hiking N Flag Scotland    Scottish Highlands
                Day N45 to N56
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St Hiking N Map w Regions

Northbound hiking days are labeled "Day North" as in DN1 to DN56. The two rest days were routine and are described as asides within the hiking days. The background to the northbound hike is also described within the hiking days.

To skip on to the southbound hike, go to Southbound Home. Southbound hiking days are labeled "Day South" as in DS1 to DS65. There were a significant number of rest/injury days; they're separately described as Rest days 1 to 17. The background to the southbound hike is described on a Start hiking south page.

Daryl May 2007-2008