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DS34 Farm driveway
DS34 Cruise boat
DS34 Ullswater from hill
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Day S34 - Greystoke to Patterdale 
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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Time of departure: 9.00 am
Time of arrival: 3.30 pm
Place departed: Greystoke, Cumbria
Place arrived: Patterdale, Cumbria

Miles: 13.5
Cum miles: 465.7
Percent complete: 48.0

Bed sign White Lion Inn, Patterdale **
Cost for bed and breakfast: 42 ($84)
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DS34 Farm nr Ullswater
DS34 Farm nr Ullswater 2
The Brathen B&B at Greystoke is a find. If you like comfortable accom with all amenities, in an old wood-beamed building, and a delicious healthy breakfast, at a very reasonable price, this is such a place. I can't say the same of the White Lion Inn in Patterdale.

Spring finally arrived, at least for a day. The afternoon was gorgeously sunny. The birds sang. As I neared Ullswater, one of the finer of the lakes, hikers were out in abundance. On the lake itself: kayaks, pleasure boats, ducks and people strolling along the lake's edge.

The English Lake District is well-nigh a perfect destination for hills and lakes, history and village life, terrific views, exercise and relaxation, all within a day's drive of the big cities and compactly-contained so you can see the best of it in a week. It differs from the also-terrific Scottish lakes in that the English lakes are more compact and more developed.

The only problem is that half the world knows how terrific this area is! To avoid the crowds, avoid the summer. My own visit is really brief, since I'll visit only Ullswater and see Lake Windermere. My route is north-south but to the west of the one I walked before, which actually skirted the Lakes altogether. I've probably added ten miles for my quick Lakes experience. I just couldn't resist.

Today's walk was initially uphill, and hard work, but it was nice to know that it was not going to be an excessive mileage, and so I somewhat dawdled. Unusual for me, whatever the impression I've left on this matter, I took a lunchtime break and had a Strongbow in the Royal Hotel at Dockray. At about 1000 ft, this was the highest elevation on today's walk, after which the route wasn't strenuous. I am wondering how strenuous the climb up Kirkstone Pass will be tomorrow, but will reserve further comment until then.

There was no mobile phone reception for me in Patterdale. So no email and no posting of my journal to the internet at the end of the day.
DS34 Author in mirror
DS34 Stile
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