Hike Southbound through Britain with Daryl May
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DS43 Geese
North of England
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DS42 Chetwode Arms sign
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  Into the Lake District
     Carlisle - Greystoke

     Greystoke - Patterdale

  The Kirkstone water rat
     Patterdale - Kirkstone summit

     Kirkstone summit - Kendal

  A visit with friends
     Kendal - Beetham

  Fine weather at last
     Beetham - Galgate

  The spoiled-rotten hiker
     Galgate - Barton

  Pounding the pavement
     Barton - Charnock Richard

  Spoiled rotten again
     Charnock Richard - Warrington

  An easy walk to a posh hotel
     Warrington - Gorstage

  Saved by photography
     Gorstage - Nantwich
North of England map. Read from top down. For an idea of scale, each day's hike was about 15 miles.

   Click here for a zoomable map of this region. The map was produced using Google Maps and Google Earth.
Map 10

2007 - 2009 Daryl May