Hike Southbound through Britain with Daryl May
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DS28 Sheep
Southern Scotland

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DS31 Snow scene
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Day S28  

Day S29  

Day S30  

Day S31  

Day S32  

  A hot bath and a steak pie
     Douglas - Crawford

  A random act of exceptional kindness
     Crawford - Beattock

   Hobson hoofs on
     Beattock -  Lockerbie

  At the Scotland-England border
      Lockerbie - Gretna

  Now in England
     Gretna - Carlisle

   Southern Scotland map. Read from top down. For an idea of scale, each day's hike was about 15 miles.
   Contrary to appearances, the route was not on the motorway but on adjacent roads and bike tracks.
   Click here for a zoomable map of this region. The map was produced using Google Maps and Google Earth.
Map 9

2007 - 2009 Daryl May