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DS59 Bridestowe B&B
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Day S59 - Whiddon Down to Bridestowe
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Northbound Home
Wednesday, April 23,  2008

Time of departure: 8.00 am
Time of arrival: 2.00 pm
Place departed: Whiddon Down, Devon
Place arrived: Bridestowe, Devon

Miles: 15
Cum miles: 871.7
Percent complete: 89.8

Bed sign James House B&B, Bridestowe ***
Cost for bed and breakfast: 35 ($70)
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DS59 Sundial DS59 Royal Oak facade
DS57 Horse manure sign
DS59 White Hart
Gayle and Mick, fellow-hikers who left Land's End for John o' Groats on April 15, emailed me today. Reading my journal, they've inferred that we're a day apart and converging rapidly. In fact, they're in Launceston tonight and heading east; I'm in Bridestowe and heading west to Launceston and beyond. Our paths may cross tomorrow, or not. Regardless of whether we meet, the thought of northbound and southbound end-to-enders sharing their "trajectories" through use of Internet communication is a sign of the times. Not that many years ago, all communication was by postcard or payphone. If people met enroute, it was either by coincidence or longstanding arrangement.

Gayle and Mick's blog is a well-written and entertaining read, available here. When I reached Land's End, I took a photo of their entry in the visitor's book, and sent it to them for the blog.

It was dry today, and started cold but ended warm. I didn't overdress, as I did yesterday, and shivered in the morning. Having developed a heat rash under my backpack waist belt and straps yesterday, I preferred shivering to sweating.

I ended the day on the West Devon Drive, which is probably the old A30, in the pretty village of Bridestowe. Having left Whiddon Down early, I was able to stop early. With time on my hands, I took a stroll through the village, photographing a sundial on the wall of the Royal Oak (once a pub, now a home), visiting the church graveyard (not my usual pastime), and researching and booking accommodation for tomorrow night.

I dined on a half chicken, chips and salad at the White Hart, which is the village pub and restaurant, and enjoyed a pint of Sam's Poundhouse Devon dry cider. The West Country is where much of Britain's cider comes from. I've recovered from my ill-gotten can of warm Strongbow at Church Minshall a couple of weeks ago.

The Jameson B&B seems a nice place, since I felt at home there.
DS59 devon logo
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