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Crossing Bodmin Moor
DS61 Bodmin Moor
DS61 Two cows
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Northbound Home
Friday, April 25,  2008

Time of departure: 7.45 am
Time of arrival: 5.00 pm
Place departed: Tregadillett, Cornwall
Place arrived: Bodmin, Cornwall

Miles: 21
Cum miles: 908.7
Percent complete: 93.6

Bed sign Scrumptious B&B, Bodmin ***
Cost for bed and breakfast: 25 ($50)
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DS61 Mileage sign DS61 Wool hats
Above: Wool hats were valuable in keeping  my (balding) head warm. I tried to relieve the pressure of my backpack straps by putting foam underneath them, but it wasn't effective. The mileage sign doesn't show Land's End, but it's about ten miles beyond Penzance.
Below: Boarded-up churches are quite a common sight in Britain
DS61 Boarded-up church
With a cereal breakfast tray in my room from ten last night, and my clothes dry overnight, I was out of the Eliot Arms by 7.45 am. Today's hike was mainly on the A30, which enabled me to cross Bodmin Moor in a day. I did leave the main road for a few miles such as on a lane, occasionally steep, through the village of Temple. Approaching Bodmin, I also found a lane that took me to the town center in peace and quiet.

There was a westerly wind all day, quite vigorous at times. A bird flew into the wind alongside me, making no progress. Overcast all day, it was dry except for one spell of light drizzle. It was also cold. There hasn't been a day so far that I haven't needed to wear two woollen hats at some point.

The A30 wasn't too pleasant, but it was practical. One dual carriageway (divided highway) stretch through Two Bridges had a lane closed each side for construction. However, the construction wasn't ongoing, so I was able to walk on a closed lane without any traffic impact except for some noise. The picture at the top of the page is of a country lane which gave a few miles of relief from traffic.

There weren't many services on the road today, and lunch was a ham salad roll from a Shell station store.

Bodmin has some very steep streets, and my B&B is at the bottom of one, and not near any food places. I dined on backpack rations in my room: dried soup and sardines. It didn't help that it took forever to find accommodation for tomorrow night, which I only accomplished by 8.30 pm. At that time, I was ready to crash.

I think I have 60 miles to go.
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