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Northbound Home
Sunday, April 27,  2008

Time of departure: 9.30 am
Time of arrival: 5.30 pm
Place departed: Penhale, Cornwall
Place arrived: Redruth, Cornwall

Miles: 20
Cum miles: 942.2
Percent complete: 97.0

Bed sign Lyndhurst Guest House, Redruth *
Cost for bed and breakfast: 26 ($52)
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DS63 Windfarm
The Premier Inn in Penhale did everything right. My room was large and almost luxurious. Everything worked. I washed my clothes and got them all dry. Breakfast was excellent, with especially good service. Only the price held back the rating I gave.

But taking a shortcut when leaving the hotel, I climbed a stone wall and arrived rather early on the other side. It was a needed reminder not to mess up with just three days to go.

The local forecast for the next three days is: cloudy (today), heavy showers (Monday), and heavy rain (Tuesday). This caused me to book accommodation to the west of Redruth so as to do an extra mile or two today, while the weather is good. Which it was.

Ros McNary of Scrumptious B&B in Bodmin passed me on the road today, and stopped long enough to lower her window and ask me how my feet were. I gave her a thumbs-up.

A couple of wind farms lay on today's route. There's surprising opposition to them. Some people consider them ugly, and some complain about noise. It's hard for me to sympathize; isn't this the epitome of clean energy?

Lying in my Redruth B&B, I felt especially gutted. This may not be a large country compared with others. But it's a vast country when you walk its length. I'm looking forward to a few days of doing virtually nothing after I finish. "Bed, bath and book" describe my intentions. My elementary school chum, Peter Price, and his wife Angela, have invited me to spend a couple of days with them in Salisbury. I accepted delightedly.

Being Sunday, some hobbyists were riding their contraptions today.

Two days and 28 miles to go.
DS63 Horse trap
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