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The pictures are from my Benches of Britain collection, featuring some of the more interesting of the genre
Wagon Wheel
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Day S25 - Renfrew to Rutherglen 
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Northbound Home
Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Time of departure: 7.45 am
Time of arrival: 1.45 pm
Place departed: Renfrew, Glasgow
Place arrived: Rutherglen, Glasgow

Miles: 12.5
Cum miles: 327.7
Percent complete: 33.7

Bed sign Burnside Hotel. Rutherglen ****
Cost for bed and breakfast: 35 ($70)
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Slat missing
Bench by Richard Fosh
This bench shot is by Richard Fosh, whose end-to-end site has some great photos
It wasn't a satisfying day. The weather was kind, but my familiar aches and accommodation challenges resurfaced.

The aches centered on my right foot and knee, probably both brought on by non-stop hard surfaces in the form of asphalt sidewalks. I thought I could stop taking an anti-inflammatory on the basis of my long, relatively pain-free walk yesterday. Apparently not.

I would have walked further than I did, though, if I'd had better accommodation results. My plan was to get going early, and to reach Hamilton, 20 miles from Renfrew. It was a bit far, but I would then be lined up with a sequence of nicely-spaced B&Bs beyond Hamilton running all the way to the English border. Besides, I had a list of four B&Bs in Hamilton, all conveniently clustered so that I could try them all, and one would surely have space.

Phoning ahead, Aaron reported full, McAuley impatiently announced she wasn't in the B&B business any more, Jones didn’t answer, and Glenmohr sounded like the phone had been disconnected. This left me with the dilemma that I could get all the way to Hamilton - at about my limits - and find nowhere. With my foot and knee aching, and my accommodation listings used up (but for Jones), I decided to stop whenever the opportunity presented itself. Having passed no accommodation at all thus far today, I expected to cover several miles yet. But, shortly after I made that decision, I came across the Burnside Hotel. I'd covered only 12.5 miles.

Navigation today was quite difficult. The GPS was having one of its late lie-in's, and the maps don't give street names. I had a great many turnings to find and take, avoiding freeways, crossing rail lines at available bridges, and going through many roundabouts with their pedestrian-control fencing.

Tomorrow, which is Wednesday, I've booked in Larkhall. On Thursday, the nice weather is expected to end and the long Easter weekend starts just as I get into remote areas again.

On some days, photo opportunities don't present themselves. On others, it rains too much to risk the camera. Today was a "slow photography" day, and so I'm taking the space to share some of my Benches of Britain photo collection - all taken on the end-to-end route though, of course, not all of them today. The Benches of Britain series continues on day S41, rest day 17, and day S62.

I think it was hiking veteran, Mark Moxon, who wrote that the end-to-end hike is like filling a gallon can one drop at a time. Indeed, he's right, almost to the point that you get so used to adding a drop that, at the end, you're surprised that the can is full. But here in Glasgow, with the can only one-third full, each drop feels so small and the can looks so empty.
Another half-slatter
Concrete picnic
Day S24                                   2007 and 2008 Daryl May                                  Day S26