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Friday, April 18,  2008

Stockland Bristol, Somerset

Miles: 0
Cum miles: 793.2
Percent complete: 81.7

Bed sign With friends, John and Alison Gilbert
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Love's labor lost
Snow 2 benches
Rest days aren't about hiking. Usually.

But today I gave a talk about my hikes to the Bridgwater U3A's walking section. And fixed my hiking gear, with John and Alison's help. My hiking pole needed a squeeze in a vise. My backpack's frame had worn through the sleeves that support its ends. You could see the frame's metal rods poking out of the bottom of the pack. Alison stitched them back in. I think that both will last the rest of the hike.

The Bridgwater walkers were a delightful group. Beryl and Tony Griffiths were end-to-enders themselves, while Dave Penberthy had walked extensively in Europe, including Spain. They contributed a lot to the morning. The group as a whole chatted happily about the high-points of hiking - things like blisters, sore knees and ankles, rain, gear problems, and even muggings. I was pleased to meet Yvonne Haggett, who had advised me not to try a river crossing at Combwich on my northbound route.

It was another "slow photography" day, so I hope you're interested in a few more pics from my Benches of Britain series, in addition to those on  days S25, S41, and S62.

After a nice pub lunch (I am starting to feel so English), I took an afternoon nap. Alison had done my laundry, and my gear was fixed. I'd written yesterday's journal.

Why take an afternoon nap? Because I could.

Four picnic tables
Green rails
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