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Martin Banfield preparing a very nice lunch for us
DS39 Martin and lunch
DS39 Swan
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Northbound Home
Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Time of departure: 8.30 am
Time of arrival: 3.45 pm
Place departed: Galgate, Lancashire
Place arrived: Barton, Lancashire

Miles: 16.5
Cum miles: 532.7
Percent complete: 54.8

Bed sign With friends, Martin and Sue Banfield
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Barge on the Lancashire canal, ostensibly named for my Ottawa friends, Bob and Angela A
DS39 Bob and Angela barge
I had barely departed the New Inn in Galgate this morning when a man greeted me on the A6:

"Good morning, Hobson," he said. "Would you like to hike together today?"

My hiking companion, who had been guided to intercept me by Ian Shiel (see day S29), was Martin Banfield. Together we walked the Lancaster Canal from Galgate to Bilsborrow (14 miles) and I walked another couple of miles to Barton on roads.

It was a satisfying hike in mainly-overcast weather. The canal towpath was muddy in places but always walkable. Martin is a highly experienced hiker as well as another terrific person that I've been fortunate to meet. For lunch, we enjoyed Martin's smoked salmon sandwiches and cream cheese on home-baked bread, lemon and pepper included. Not to mention Sue's caramel chocolate shortbread. A brief stop in Th'Owd Tithebarn in Garstang could have rounded out the day. Could have, you'll note - but didn't. After Martin bused back to his car, and I had walked a couple of extra miles while he did so, he picked me up on the road. As I write, I am staying in the guest bedroom of Martin and Sue's home near Manchester after a bath and a fine meal. Sue, by the way, is also an accomplished hiker. We're talking about the Atlantic to the Mediterranean along the Pyrenees, no less - every day a 3000 ft climb and descent. Martin has also done the TGO Challenge. They're off to the Scottish mountains this weekend.

I feel thoroughly and undeservedly spoiled. It's a great feeling.
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